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some news

2010-12-16 22:33:47 by sez8me

its some new i got 3 animations that are band now,i think they sucked....
so i wold like some help please send on but i know
no one will help but still ill try...


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2010-12-19 02:32:04

Try the Flash Tutorial page. But judging by your spelling and grammar, I suspect you won't understand it. Better yet, wait until you're over thirteen and try this website again. Sorry, but Newgrounds wasn't exactly created for small children.

sez8me responds:

ay! fuck you!


2010-12-19 03:08:22

JohmEndel speaks alot of true words with the use of the Flash Tutorial. You should really try to use a creative thought process to determine how you will create your next flash piece though, as based on your "apple juice" flash, it's obvious you have not thought through what you want to show your audience.

If people are blamming it, then you're pretty much either producing pure rubbish to troll, you are genuinely crap at Flash, or you're simply not engaging the audience. Use wits for comedy, or tug on the emotional strings. If you can involve your audience, then you are more than likely to get positive and good marks.

I'd also seriously consider using a SpellChecker and stop lying about your age for this site, as this will not work in your favour.

In short:

* Check the tutorial
* Lurk around in your creative brain for ideas - write them down on a paper beforehand.
* Show it to friends of yours and see their reactions beforehand, and improve it.
* Rinse and repeat the above step until you are confident you are happy with the content
* Publish it to Newgrounds.


2010-12-19 09:16:20

john you could have been nicer but ...nvm i dont care


2010-12-25 13:08:12

Merry Christmas!


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